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Dating is tough enough — but breakups are excruciating. We’ve all got our methods for dealing with bruised egos and broken hearts. Some try to dig out of the rubble as fast as possible, dust off, and move on. Others wallow in sweatpants; eating Doritos and listening to Tom Waits until the pain subsides. But there’s also a third group: the avengers. Here are the often hilarious and sometimes heinous things real people have done to settle the score with their exes. When I was finally allowed in, I instructed my new boyfriend to take a leak all over my ex’s razor and toothbrush. Which he did. He doesn’t know yet, but I’m hoping he’ll find out when the timing is just right. If he wasn’t going anywhere with me, he wasn’t going anywhere.

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It sounds really abstract. You could then schedule three more women to meet up with Shawn at the same time and place, without either Shawn or Jennifer knowing what you were up to. You may need to read this more than once to get it. For the fastest results, find a profile of a real, fairly attractive male nearby where you live.

Dating is tough enough — but breakups are excruciating. We’ve all got our methods for dealing with bruised egos and broken hearts. Some try to.

After days of having the argument that wouldn’t end, I broke up with my boyfriend about a month ago. And during the anger stage of the breakup And during the anger stage of the breakup, I took comfort in fantasizing about all the ways I could exact my revenge. Or scrawling his phone number on a bathroom stall at a free clinic. Or even calling the cops to report his car stolen. A black guy driving around in a suspected stolen car?

What a way to make sure he had an especially bad day. I could get back at him with just a few keystrokes by putting his profile on www.

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Jay pranked her girlfriend Precious by pretending to be on the phone with another woman, so Precious arranges a fake funeral for a secret ex-boyfriend. After going viral from her daughter Kharisma’s broken TV prank, Tonya teams up with Justina Valentine to give Kharisma a birthday surprise she will never forget. To scare away her mom’s embarrassing online alter ego, Rita enlists Vinny’s help to stage a fake psychic reading.

After Manni fell victim to his friend Robiii’s lottery ticket prank, he teams up with Pauly D to trick Robiii into a job interview that goes from embarrassing to terrifying. As a special encore to Vinny’s debut show at Chippendales, Pauly D calls in Vinny’s notorious Uncle Nino for the latest strike in their prank war.

Bisexual online dating. After all, you don’t need someone you know finding you on a typical dating site while you are trying to explore a new side of your.

By Danielle Zoellner For Dailymail. A woman has enacted a powerful method of revenge after receiving a disrespectful message from a match on a dating app – by exposing his behavior to his father. Katie Pfeffer from Denver, Colorado, shared on Twitter what happened after a man named Lake messaged her through the dating app Hinge. In the message, the man commented on one of her statements and called her ‘retarded’, which encouraged the woman to find his dad and inform the man about how his son was behaving.

Revenge: A woman named Kate Pfeffer from Denver, Colorado, received a rude message on Hinge from a man named Lake, and she decided to share screenshots to his father right. Don’t underestimate: She shared the moment on Twitter, informing followers it took her only five minutes to find the man’s father. Further investigation: She later revealed how multiple women had bad experiences with the man, so Pfeffer informed his employer about the string of bad behavior.

His message read: ‘Are you one of those hot girls that’s just plain retarded? Bc your bio makes it look that way. Pfeffer then took a screenshot of that message and was able to find Lake’s father on social media to then share it with him. Getting back: The woman’s tweet quickly went viral with people impressed by her investigative skills. She sent the screenshot to the father with a message informing him of what his son was getting up to on dating apps.

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There were lots of major announcements at DC FanDome Check out everything you missed in our news roundup. Read more. Secrets and truths unfold through the lives of female friends in one suburban neighborhood, after the mysterious suicide of a neighbor.

Naked pictures of ex-girlfriends are being uploaded on to ‘revenge porn’ websites by former partners without their consent in a growing trend that is causing.

At high school Everette was a victim of revenge porn, when a girl he was close to sent images to his friends. Now 22, Everette says when he tried to defend himself, his friends laughed it off, telling him he didn’t have to lie; it was no big deal. Everette’s situation may seem unusual because when most of us discuss revenge porn, we generally think of a resentful man posting his ex-girlfriend’s pictures online for the world to see.

But revenge porn, also referred to as image-based abuse, can take a variety of forms. It can include real or altered pictures, illustrations, or, as in Everette’s experience, the shared images may be fakes that is, not even of the person being targeted. Even though men are more likely to be perpetrators of revenge porn, Australian research has found men and women have the same chances of being victims. Dr Henry first started researching the topic in , when she surveyed more than 4, Australians aged between 16 and She found that 22 per cent of women and 23 per cent of men in that age bracket had experienced image-based abuse.

Lesbian, gay and bisexual persons were more likely to be victims, with more than one in three people in this community having experienced image-based abuse, compared with one in five heterosexual people. He himself experienced image-based abuse in an online smut community for fans of erotic Japanese manga, after sending pictures privately to some girls from the group who had requested them. I struggled a lot with self-confidence,” he says.

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Daniel Edward Grayson born Summer – Summer was Conrad and Victoria’s son and their only shared biological child. He had been considered to be a wild party boy, and he quietly, consistently resisted his family’s efforts to groom him as the future CEO of their company, Grayson Global. Despite being Victoria ‘s favorite child, he did not have free rein. Due to several incidents with the law, in combination with his rambunctious party boy image, his relationship with his father was often strained.

However, they were eventually able to mend their relationship.

Revenge porn – posting or distributing intimate photographs, images, such as the person’s name, phone number, physical or email address, date of birth, Social If he posts the photo on a web site created for the known purpose of revenge.

News Published: Feb 6, Lisa Bruce 25 says her self confidence has plummeted and she now suffers from anxiety and panic attacks following the abuse, carried out over a number of months last year. Speaking exclusively to the JEP, Ms Bruce said that as someone who had always prided herself on her reputation, she now wanted to set the record straight. He is fully aware that I have suffered from stress-related alopecia in the past and I find this the cruellest part of his campaign to intimidate and torment me.

This caused me to distrust everyone, even my closest friends. As a result, I have suffered from frequent panic and anxiety attacks and my self-confidence has plummeted. Ms Bruce now believes she waited too long to report the abuse to the police and wants anyone else experiencing online bullying and harassment to seek help. I urge anyone who is going through any form of harassment or intimidation to go to the police.

You will be taken seriously and, by reporting it to them as soon as it starts, the situation may be nipped in the bud much earlier than in my experience. Browse marketplace.

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But maybe don’t sell your ex out. Change causes, etc. Do you have ways to get revenge after a breakup that don’t involve your ex? I want to hear them. Let me know in the comments.

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A man who was delighted to score a date with a girl he met on a training course thought the pair were ‘hitting it off’ – until a mutual friend showed him messages which gave away her true intentions. A man who discovered text messages exposing the real reason a girl had agreed to a date with him hatched a plan to give her a taste of her own medicine.

After meeting on a lifeguard certification course, the man who we’ll call Will said he thought the pair had ‘hit it off’ and exchanged numbers and social media details. They chatted for a few weeks before he asked her out to see a movie, which she accepted, leading to a few more ‘casual dates’. His hints to make things more serious were snubbed, but they continued to hang out for a while before a mutual friend who had taken the same course got in touch to warn him as to what was really going on.

The friend said he felt bad for the Will because ‘she often does this to other dudes’, and passed on a screenshot of messages between them. After asking if she and Will were going out, she replied: “Not really but as long as he keeps paying for everything, I’ll let him take me out more,” with a laughing face, before adding: “Girl’s gotta eat. Armed with the new information, Will said: “After seeing this, I asked her to go on a nice date with me to a hibachi grill restaurant.

We both got fancy ice cream and multiple refills on drinks. I was also her ride. After posting about his master plan on Reddit , many were quick to applaud the revenge stunt. One commented: “As a woman and just a person in general, she’s awful for leading you on and she completely deserved this. Another pointed out: “No one is talking about the bro that sent the screenshot.

What a good guy!

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