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But maybe, he thinks, you should be. Miles Teller: Yeah, I lost power for, like, six days or something like that. Like, even in the middle of a natural disaster, CAA is still getting through on the phone. Oh, nothing. I want Peter to get a love interest in Divergent. I want to see who he ends up with. Should we have that talk in real life? Yeah, that was all from that. Made me think about it—like, Man, where do you meet people?


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Tipton plays Megan a frustrated single who joins a dating website and Initially pacy and zingy, Two Night Stand ends up losing its way as the.

On November 10, , it was announced that there were two offers for the rights of the film in the US. Megan is unemployed and single, and one day she joins a dating website. Her roommates, who just want her to move out, invite her to a party at a club. The next morning, they are less than cordial to each other, but Megan is unable leave because of a blizzard. Forced to spend more time together, the two end up telling each other what they did wrong the previous night, convinced that they will never see each other again, and Megan suggests that they “try again”.

The two have sex again, with far better results. Afterwards, Megan discovers a closet full of women’s clothes, and pictures of Alec with a girl. She finds out that Alec’s girlfriend, Daisy, had written a note to him, saying that she wanted to break up, but had not given it to him, but he had found it accidentally. Alec wanted to have something to rub in her face when she broke up with him, and so he had joined the dating website.

Angry, Megan leaves.

Two Night Stand Review

Tipton plays Megan a frustrated single who joins a dating website and ends up meeting Teller’s Alec and sharing a connection. But after a one-night stand the duo ends up trapped in the Alec’s apartment when a snow storm hits. But the snow storm could have more than just a few implications for the duo.

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This one is self-explanatory enough. Cutesy lead? A two night stand? Witty banter? Double check. Then add another one, because despite the generic romantic tropes that follow along the lines of No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits, this one is immensely dependent on the solid camaraderie between boy and girl. I am Benjamin Button-ing!

Joshua Reviews Max Nichols’ Two Night Stand [Theatrical Review]

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Make no mistake; Two Night Stand services the audience with the quintessential love story, without really being an insightful comment on dating in a detached.

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Analeigh Tipton: Megan

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Have any of you guys experienced the ‘two night stand’? Anyone I’ve tried every free dating site under the sun, different combo of pics and bio. Never got a​.

As a firm believer in monogamy, I have no experience of nor have I had the desire to try out a one night stand. All I keep thinking of is how you could possibly face that person if you ever see them around again!? It turns out not everyone is as paranoid as I and most of the modern day population do not over think things as much as I either. I was right. However Max Nichols, director to this romantic comedy, takes the truth about one night stands — or in this case, two nights — and spins something really clever in to it.

Analeigh Tipton is Megan — a pre-medical graduate, jobless and single. But her housemate Faiza Jessica Szohr is in a relationship and is trying to suggest ways of getting her friend back in the game and out of the apartment, so that she and her beau Cedric the rapper turned actor Kid Cudi can stay in it. Achieving nothing all day apart from signing herself up to an online dating website, Megan accepts that this may be the perfect opportunity to get over the past — by getting under someone else.

Enter Alec, played by Miles Teller. Easy peasy. After a few catty exchanges, they give in to the fact that hating each other is not going to make things any easier so after they retract their claws, they actually start to talk on a more normal level. The idea of the film is very funny and there is even many a quotable scene, but the substance is mainly weak and the dialogue around the few good bits is forgettable, if not rather annoying.

However it sort of works, albeit for different reasons: Teller is natural with his non-committal attitude making the best of a bad situation, but Tipton is just irritating most of the time, whining and making it all harder work than necessary.

Two Night Stand (2014)

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Two Night Stand hits select theatres 9/26 and OnDemand 10/3!

But the evening backfires when she sees her ex-boyfriend with his new partner. She chooses Alec Teller and goes to his apartment where they have a one night stand. They discuss their views on relationships, and sex, and decide to be brutally honest with each other about how they were during their one night stand. Alec explains that Daisy is away but the reason Megan is there is that he found a break-up note Daisy had written but not given him.

To get back at her, he joined the dating website. Angry, and with the snow having abated enough, Megan leaves. As an attempt to do something slightly different with the rom-com format, Two Night Stand is an awkward mix of the refreshing and the inevitable, as it plays around with an established formula to sometimes winning, but equally distracting effect. Of course, that kind of grandstanding is essentially unavoidable, and both Megan and Alec still try to impress each other, fanning that spark of attraction that has brought them together in the first place.

The performances are above average, with Tipton shrugging off her supporting actress mantle and grabbing a lead role with gusto. Good as their performances are though, neither Tipton nor Teller can compensate for the narrative version of jumping through hoops that the movie indulges in in its final third. Not even Nichols, making his feature debut, can compensate for the straight up absurdity of the situation, and the result is a movie that goes from mostly entertaining to full-on bizarre in a matter of minutes.

‘Two Night Stand’ is a talky tryst with Teller and Tipton

Two Night Stand begins with a pretty brunette waking up in bed. Awesome apartment. XO, Megan. Megan swears, as would I, tears down the note and tosses it in the garbage, and then runs back to bed to try to pretend to be asleep.

So, can a film entitled “Two Night Stand,” be life-giving cinema? dating, or in this case, semi-anonymous hook-ups as facilitated by an online dating website.

Sometimes, filmmaking is simply rooted directly within the DNA of a given artist. Take Max Nichols for example. Nearing the start of a new year, Megan Tipton is at a crossroads. On a whim she messages the engaging Alec Teller and heads over to his place where the two share a one night stand. Over the span of their hours together their relationship is not only born, but features all the peaks and valleys any relationship is bound to have. This just so happens to pack them into a roughly 24 hour period of time.

Aesthetically, the film is quite warm and engaging. Overall, while the film is treading ground that has been well traveled previously, Nichols, writer Mark Hammer and his solid cast take the idea of a modern one night stand, and get at some rather intriguing truths that usually get overlooked. Josh is a critic, a member of the Online Film Critics Society, a wrestling nerd, a hip-hop head, a father, a cinephile and a man looking to make his stamp on the world, one word at a time.

Review: ‘Two Night Stand’

Megan : I think you severely overestimated your ability to break hearts. Megan : You are an asshole in so many languages Megan : This is what I deserve, it’s penance. Alec : Wow, that is officially the worst review my oatmeal has ever received. Megan : It’s what I get for slutting it up.

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Today’s hookup culture doesn’t quite get its due in this forgettable rom-com. While tales of the war zone that is online dating in our modern era are timely, the release date of the latest film to cover the subject, Two Night Stand , seems to be a bit off. Enrollment on online dating sites certainly skyrocket during that time of year, and audiences might have welcomed a cheerful rom-com both commiserating and encouraging their resolve.

The film follows Megan Analeigh Tipton as she faces unemployment, a roommate Jessica Szohr with both a job and a boyfriend Scott Mescudi aka Kid Cudi , and a recent breakup, all around the holidays. She decides to partake in online dating, a common enough practice among twenty-somethings. After a run-in with her ex, her roommate encourages her to find a hookup using the site, a one night stand.

With a few glasses of wine in her, Megan reaches out and Alec Miles Teller responds.

Awkward One-Night Stand

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