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Whilst you may be busy scoping out the obviously hot bad boy basic , you may be making the huge mistake of overlooking the awkwardly smooth, handsome, book-worm AKA the gamer guy. Sure probably your chances of sharing the love they have for Harry Potter, Comic books, their game consoles are very slim, but beneath that exterior could very well be the man of your dreams. In spite of what the pessimists may preach, gamers are awesome and sexy. Here are my 10 reasons why you should take a break from dating the basic messy jerks, and give the nerdy one a chance. He plays it so swiftly and fluidly. And that, my friend, is the part of the brain that is responsible for spatial orientation, memory formation, muscle memory as well as strategic planning and also motor skills. These types of humans have the tendency to use their imagination in everything.

10 reasons to date a girl who games

But for those of you who have found those rare gamer girls and claimed them as your own, have you considered lucky to find a rare item or wishing you could trade her in for a lamer model? There are several arguments out there on whether or not dating a gamer chick is a good thing for male gamers. Whether it is a particular game or the system itself, dating a gamer girl requires agreements to be made on who gets to play at what time for how long. On the other hand, non-gamer girlfriends also can take your time away from gaming.

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This story was originally published on Aug. He starts his day at 5 a. After work, dinner and family time, he and his wife put their daughter to bed around 7 p. He spends time with his wife until about 9. And then, when everything else is taken care of and his wife heads to bed, he slots in about an hour of video game playing before he goes to sleep. There was one time, though, when Colon found himself glued to the controller from p.

At the time, his daughter was an infant. But there are no days off being a parent. Your child needs you. In , the Entertainment Software Association, a trade association of the video game industry, estimated that some million adults play video games and that at least three-quarters of households in the United States have at least one gamer. That same year, the association estimated that, among parents of gamers, 57 percent play video games with their children at least once a week.

But some parents say that gaming has helped them form communities that keep them engaged and happy. Benjamin McClain, 29, a new father and competitive video game player, said he relies on gaming as a way to regularly interact with groups of like-minded peers. Mark Sims, 32, the father of a 7-year-old daughter, streams his game playing to an audience of several hundred to several thousand, while talking openly about his depression and being a father.

When Gamers Become Parents, Finding Balance Is Next Level

Hey, guys! I present to you a compiled list of how to attract your very own gamer girl from the opinions of Quora, Wikihow and men. Yes, real men still follow this advice. Step 1: Join a gaming guild or a gaming community. Get into social media.

Dating an Extreme Gamer is Like Dating an Alcoholic If I wasn’t there and he felt bad, he’d drink to make himself feel better. Like, I’d go so far as to say a closet full of your ex-girlfriend’s clothes is not, in and of itself, a veto point for me. The thing about drinking to make your problems go away, is that it.

It was produced by Sarah Crawley with presenter Emily Webb. Adapted by Helene Schumacher. Imagine being paid to play video games with hordes of adoring fans watching online. But if you’re a female professional gamer, the dream job comes with additional obstacles that your male counterparts might never experience. British gamer Leahviathan live streams around six hours of footage a day on Twitch. She has nearly , followers.

As women in a largely male industry, they have undoubtedly faced challenges, but neither wants special treatment.

Gamer girl problems

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True female gamers are far from the idealised “gamer girl” stereotype, and there’s Finances · Home · Dating & Relationships · Wedding · Parenting There’s no such thing as a “gamer boy” or even a “male gamer”. Gaming is great for stress​-relief and can bring immense joy and thrill – it’s not difficult to.

Real diehard gamers are the type to invest in their gaming, whether they play on their PC or console. Many will attend gaming conventions, comic cons, and spend time watching podcasts and scanning online forums for new hacks and cheats. But that level of commitment is evident in their relationships too. Some just like to order pizza and play on their Xbox or PlayStation in their free time.

But one thing they all have in common are great qualities for a relationship. Keep reading for more than enough reasons to let go of your doubts, and find out why you should be dating a gamer:. Gamer guys and girls are usually right where you left them: in front of a screen. This can make for a strong sense of security in your relationship, and you will always have someone to spend time with for a night in. They want a win-win. Gamers are usually used to some level of fighting or challenge in a game, and this fighter mentality will translate to your relationship.

Needless to say, your relationship will never get too stuffy or boring. When dating a gamer, you will soon realize that anything they invest their time or money in is something they hope to succeed at. This includes their relationship with you. Gamers are used to putting in hour after hour of game time to level up, finish a raid successfully, or beat a tough part of their game.

Don’t Try to Get Your Girlfriend into Video Games

Once, a girl I dated saw me playing a video game on my mobile phone. She was a worst-case scenario, but still, I feel that gaming has a bit of stigma to it these days. I think girls appreciate a man who enjoys watching films or reading books. Yes, those are just some of the popular game genres. There are other types of games too, some of which have the most heartfelt stories ever written.

Dating is hard for everyone, but especially so for gamer girls, it seems. I could not stand to be in a relationship where I was mocked and ridiculed by my partner for Picking up extra hobbies is also a good thing sometimes.

Don’t have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. I have a pathologically unhealthy obsession with misogynists in general and gamer misogynists in particular. I read their Reddit threads, click on their blogs, and just overall expose myself to such radioactive stupidity that I’m surprised I don’t turn into one when the moon is full.

My favorite conceit out of all of this lunacy is this never-ending whine about how once upon a time girls made fun of guys for playing video games, and now want acceptance as gamers because gaming is “cool. To quote Captain Jack Sparrow, “The problem isn’t the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. So me, in my eternal quest to try and bring the sexes together, I thought I would hand out some helpful advice gleaned from the many women I talked to on this subject recently.

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Date a Girl Gamer

Download it today! Gamer girls are not just part of a hot stereotype, but quality relationship material. While they are effortlessly cool and may seem intimidating at times when they end up carrying your entire team, for instance , they can also make great girlfriends, when you actually manage to date one of them. She knows to give you personal space — after all, she needs hers to game as well. Your gamer girlfriend speaks the gaming lingo your friends do, and she can easily make conversation with them because they have a common topic of interest.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Date a Girl Gamer by Garrett Grothe There was recently an article written about why it’s a good thing to date.

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gamer girl

Welcome to authentic Gamer Dating. For the love of the gamer. We’ve all been there – you know – creating a profile on one of the big box online dating websites, only to start wondering what your matches will think once they read that you’re a gamer.

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For as long as I’ve written about video games 80 years , I’ve been getting the same messages in my inbox every February. They have subjects like “Getting your girl in on the game,” and come loaded with lots of statistics about how many women like games a lot and ideas about how games can be a fun, sexy thing to do with your partner. And yes, a lot of women do play video games , and there are plenty of good games to play with a partner.

No one’s disputing that. Ask your partner to play games with you! They might be into it. But if they aren’t? I’ve got a spicy take for you: Don’t bother trying to convince them they’d like video games. Of course, I am a writer who covers video games, so of course my inbox would be flooded with all manner of content urging people to play video games.

Find your perfect player two: These are the best dating sites for gamers in the UK

The girl gamer is a rare breed of lady. Statistics would have us believe that over 40 percent of gamers are female — but come on. When was the last time you got trash-talked on Modern Warfare 2 by the dulcet tones of a woman?

Do: Get creative with your choices, like in any good relationship. Don’t: Translate that logic to MOBA builds. Jungle Sona is not a thing.

Dating a gamer has its moments of ups and downs, just like any other relationship. Believe me, I feel this way a lot, but I also over think because of my anxiety TMI maybe, sorry, not sorry, might see a post about it in the future. Yes, it can be annoying and feel like those video games receive a majority of their attention. However, there are quite a few benefits to dating a gamer that can be over looked. Also, I just wanted to share, I really dislike list articles.

I mean, I love reading them, but there are just far too many bloggers out there that do them. Nothing seems special or unique anymore. So, here I am, being a hypocrite and writing a listicle do people even call them that? Note: All photos taken by me, Measha. Also, these points are just my opinion, from experience, not every gamer is created equally. I like to go out from time to time, get a drink, play some pool or darts, and watch live music.

Dos and Don’ts of Dating A Girl Gamer

His mental skills are sharper than those of non-gamers. His motor skills are sharper, too. He has developed quick reaction time, and fast hands and fingers are useful anywhere and everywhere. He thinks fast. He can help solve your problems in no time!

LFGdating is the premier gamer dating site on the Interwebs, and the #1 but with LFGdating those sterotypes are now a thing of the past – we’re all gamers It’s too bad they didn’t see we have iOS and Android apps coming soon, but all.

You can read about a few of these gaming couples here. So what we wanted to know from our community was: How important is it that their future partner is a gamer? Do they really prefer to date gamers? When you have a community filled with girl gamers, you get a lot of questions about it. Sometimes we get asked if guys are allowed in, or if we could make an exception just for them. We also get asked if there are any single girls in our community.

7 Things GAMER Guys Wish Girls Knew

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